Homeless Marionettes

I made these marionettes over 15 years ago.

I’m rather fond of them, but they live in a suitcase with no story to tell as I’m  not fond of the manipulation required to bring them to life.

If anyone knows of anyone who would like to give them a good home, for a reasonable price, let me know.



Close up

Noah, carved wood

Noah , profile

What a lovely face

Punk Pete

Pete detail

Frederick the Great

How do you do, I'm Frederick


Casting a spell

I'm melting... aargh!

Strike a pose

Tyra Banks, eat your heart out!


Believe it or not, there are more.

To be continued…


One response to “Homeless Marionettes

  1. You had a suitcase full of life hidden away! So clever of you to make them!

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