Entering the Zone: Art as Nirvana

Drawing is where I find Nirvana, particularly when drawing the human form.  When in the ‘zone’, when that creative thing is happening, time stands still and it just happens. It’s like my intellect switches off and I’m present in another dimension. When truly connecting with the subject of the drawing ( in my case, people) I have to switch off that inner critical voice that nags, or the pompous over-inflated ego that tells me ” That’s a good line, ooh that looks good, do that again …” Those insistent voices that are contained in my subconscious have to be silenced to create a drawing that communicates. It doesn’t happen often, trust me. But when it happens, it is truly a special feeling. I’ve heard the wonderful Jill Scott speak about this at a concert saying that it is a connection with God, that it comes through us , not from us. I’m not a religious person, but I do understand the feeling behind this perspective.

For other creative people, whatever their form of creativity may be, be they sports people, musicians, athletes, writers, poets, rappers, artists, I connect with them when they speak about the zone. This is my drug of choice. There is no feeling on earth like it when I reach the zone. It’s like going into a trance and waking up to find something that just sings to me. I’m never aware of creating my best work, that process is the mystical one.

This is my magical mystery tour. Just don’t ask me how to get on the bus.

Holding on to the pole

1 minute drawing , no time to think

Repeated pose, capturing movement


5 responses to “Entering the Zone: Art as Nirvana

  1. I wrote a whole post a few days ago about how the one thing I wish I could do was to paint/draw. I am in awe.

  2. I am definitely guilty of this as well…in the zone…a trance.

    It is like this magical force that takes over you. Like we as creative artists are just vessels for inspiration to take home in and use our limbs as it wishes. I’m glad to have connected with you! You’re quirky, I can tell. And I like that 😉 LOL

  3. Thanks Jessica, really glad to have met you too. Quirky? I’d say!
    That Jill Scott vid I have on this post is exactly talking about the ‘artist as vessel for inspiration’ you are talking about. She talks about God, but as an atheist I’m not so sure where it comes from.
    Thanks for popping over .


  4. Major talent and I love your work

  5. wish I had an ounce of drawing talent! great to have such an artistic outlet

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