Collage: grown up sticking

I work with young children in my day job as a London Children’s entertainer. I like to keep my inner child alive so I can relate to my little clients in a non- patronising way, playing with them rather than for them.

I remember the joy of ‘sticking’ at nursery and primary school: little balls of tissue paper , dried pasta , feathers, sparkly glitter and sequins and bright coloured buttons and magazine paper. There is something quite marvellous about creating art by sticking stuff down. A good part of the joy is peeling off the glue that remains on your hands when you are done. Or is that just me?

Collage to my mind is just a grown up extension of this joy. Try a spot of collage one day, see if it doesn’t take you straight back to a happier time.

I’ve done a few figure studies using newspaper, painted torn up sheets of paper and lots of glue. Sometimes I drew over the top, sometimes it’s just left.

See what you think.

Love the toes in this

Study in greys

Study in yellow

The figure is there somewhere?




7 responses to “Collage: grown up sticking

  1. Love to ‘toe’ collage – with the big print bum!

  2. Thank you so much for taking part in the blog link up! I hope you enjoyed looking at all the other blogs taking part. I am delighted to have gotten such a good response for this first time. Hope to see you again next week! x

  3. butterflyexperience

    Your art work is amazing, you are a very talented lady, and your grand daughter is cute!

  4. You really are something wow! I am so happy you linked up at sock monkey sweeps. That is where artists are loved and supported! So happy to have found your blog, I own a preschool. SO your work is wow.

  5. I love the study in grey. It is always nice to break down the composition into shades. It allows you to see the world differently.

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    Thanks have a great day!

  7. That is really great! I especially love the first one
    it really speaks to me
    thanks for part taking in the sock monkey sweeps hop – if you’d like to check me out, I can be found at

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