The Ever Ready Model: Self-Portrait

I’m a lady with fingers that just can’t keep still. I draw and paint as well as make.

Over the years I’ve had the urge to draw. My chosen favourite subject is people. Finding someone who is willing to sit and be drawn is difficult when the urge strikes, unless of course you have a mirror.

Hence all my self portraits.

It’s hard to comprehend that these pictures are actually all me ( or supposed to be at any rate.) I find self portraits extremely interesting as they are the only portraits that are drawn in mirror image and represent the only vision that the artist has of themselves with all filters of self-criticism and insecurity colouring the finished work. A self-portrait often doesn’t appear to others to be a likeness because of this, but to the artist themselves, this is probably the most honest struggle in drawing that you can get. I recognise myself in every picture.

Do you?

Just me, no make up , no fancy lighting, just me.


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