Big plans ahead.

Have put my head together with my youngest daughter and we have decided to screw our courage to the sticking place ( to quote Lady Macbeth) and start to make stock for a market stall.

My youngest picked up crochet really fast and is now churning out crochet flowers at a remarkable speed considering she has only been doing it for three days! So, looking ahead to December, we are working on stock for a pitch at Spitalfields Market and possibly Greenwich Market too.

I love having a project on the go and this feels good;  I love crocheting all things bright and beautiful : cushions, bags, headbands, hats, booties ( oh so gorgeous!) and tutus with crochet appliques plus handmade greetings cards and hair accessories. It will take a while, but I guarantee it will make the prettiest market stall you have EVER seen.

Watch this space…

Strawberry booties
Bottom view

Butterfly booties

Flower power crochet bag

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