Labour of Love

Aluminum crochet hooks

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I’ve just recently completed my biggest crochet project yet. I say biggest, which refers to it’s size ( approx 5ft diameter) but not for the amount of time it took me. This is what I love about crochet. It took three days from start to finish. This suits my impulsive, impatient nature right down to the ground. Ah bliss!

It is a rag rug for my youngest daughter’s kitchen floor. It was made from old t-shirts cut up into yarn and crocheted together using cluster stitches and single crochet and the biggest, fattest crochet hook I could find. When I ran out of t-shirts I ran off to my local fabric stockist in Electric Avenue in Brixton and bought a few metres of cheap cotton knit. I’d say it didn’t cost me more than £30 in total for the fabric plus t-shirts which I think is an absolute bargain.

So pretty and so soft.

I’m really pleased with the way it came out, recycling is so satisfying! What is also so wonderful about it is that my darling granddaughter Erykah-Rose has just started walking and she loves to play in the kitchen while mummy cooks, so this rug gives her a perfect soft, warm place to play while she is nearby mummy. It also gives her a nice soft landing for her bottom when she loses her balance. Walking is a tricky business when you’ve just turned one.

Thank you grandma!


My daughter reports that the rug also looks gorgeous too. I shall have to pop over to investigate myself soon.

So easy to do

Have a go yourself!

If you’re wondering how to make yarn from a t-shirt , here’s a brilliant tutorial that shows you how. How to turn a t-shirt into crochet yarn.

For those of you who are inspired to do a bit of crocheting yourself, here is a great list of free crochet rug patterns. If I can do it, anyone can!




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