Grandma to Grandma

Five generations apart. Wow.

Here is an adorable picture of my grandma with my grandchild. Yes I sat in front of my grandma as a grandma. Isn’t that amazing? Grandma Nel is 94 and is a wonderfully strong woman who was fierce as a younger woman but mellowed with age ,becoming someone with whom I connected very strongly .

We both share a love of needlework and it was my pleasure to finish off a cardigan that she had knitted for her Great-Great Granddaughter when we visited. Erykah-Rose is wearing a pink cardigan that Grandma Nel knitted for her previously.

Craft: the generation gap filler.

My darling granddaughter and her doting grandma: ME!

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7 responses to “Grandma to Grandma

  1. Wow your grandma looks amazing for 94!! And your granddaughters beautiful x

  2. whoa, hold the phone! Your Grandma and Granddaughter – wow

  3. You and your children are so lucky! That is just amazing 5 generations, very special.

  4. What an a amazing photo to treasure, you really are blessed.

    Fran x
    Your grandaughter is adorable!

  5. Wow. Five generations and so great to have to have that captured on camera My try is at

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