Don’t mess with my tutu!

I’ve had the absolute joy of making a tutu for my granddaughter. It’s a really easy no sew method of making ,from a length of elastic and a few equal lengths of tulle of different shades. Cut the tulle into strips twice as long as you need them to be for the tutu, fold them in half and loop the two ends through the fold over the elastic and pull tight. Tie on a few contrasting ribbons and a flower or two and eh voila! Simples.


Finished tutu, fit for a fairy.


Detail of tutu




Wearing my new hat and tutu

Ah! Being a granny is so wonderful.



4 responses to “Don’t mess with my tutu!

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  2. awww thats cute.

  3. Thanks for sharing, that looks so simple and is so lovely!

  4. butterflyexperience

    Fantastic, I shall be making this for my daughters x

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