From little body parts to puppets

I love making babies ... from fabric that is.

I’ve always loved sewing. I think it was my Nan who got me into it. She loved a bit of embroidery she did, and butterflies.

My mum, Nan and me, proudly showing my new red shoes.

I have fidgety fingers, I can’t just sit and watch telly like other people. I like to be doing something, I can’t explain it, it just feels wrong not to be doing something with my hands.

So I learned to knit and sew before I was ten and I loved it. I loved making my own clothes or adapting old ones. It was not much of a surprise that I ended up at Art College after school. I   studied Fine Art , Painting and cut a long sad story short, I didn’t finish the final third year and went out to work to earn a living.

My mum showing off one of my paintings

Fast forward a few years and I was married and proud mum to my first daughter.

I soon realised being a mum didn’t go too well with being an artist. ( I do consider myself a radical feminist but I am also a realist. I wanted to be the best Mum I could be and the best artist I could be but I realised that one had to give. It was a no brainer really) To paint the way I wanted , nay needed to paint , I needed to be alone with nothing to think about for weeks. Hmm… as a new mum that was never going to happen was it?

So inspired by artists Mirella Paganuzzi, Michelle Howarth and Mandy HaversI started to sew body parts. Body parts grew into babies,

A sewn fetus


A bust of my second child

and limbless busts.

They were never pretty, sometimes grotesque but always created  a reaction which was something I enjoyed.

My home is filled with these strange creatures

So this is where the puppet thing began. A soft sculpture turned into a puppet, I did a show for my eldest daughter’s birthday party and the rest is history.

An unfinished baby, sewn in velveteen

I’m still making stuff . It’s been a long time since I sewed a baby though.

Old man

Stick around and I’ll show you what else I make.


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